[mapserver-dev] MapServer 5.6.6 release

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Fri Jan 14 10:07:00 EST 2011


I see that the OSGeo Live DVD team is planning its feature freeze for 
Jan 31st, and to make sure the version of MapServer that is included 
will contain the latest fixes, I propose that we release MapServer 5.6.6 
with what is currently in SVN branch-5-6 which includes some important 
fixes, a copy of the list is included below.

I have packaged a 5.6.6-rc1 for testing:


Please test it and report your results here. I'd like to post the 5.6.6 
release on Monday if we have enough positive feedback results by then, 
otherwise that would have to wait until Jan 27-28 since I'll be away 
from Jan 18 to 26.

I start with my +1 to release 5.6.6 based on this 5.6.6-rc1.


Change log for MapServer 5.6.6:

- Fixed missing time in msDrawMap logging (#3651)

- Fixed Internal error with Oracle Spatial multi point geometries (#3627)

- Fixed double free in shp2img.c (#3497)

- Fixed free(): invalid next size in mapfile.c (#3604)

- Fix for the memory corruption when mapping the string data type in the 
Java bindings (3491)

- Correct wms 1.3.0 latlong bbox error (#2578)

- Fix ProperyIsLike not used efficiently with Oracle (#3557)

- Fixed msOGRGetSymbolId according to the changes in gdal 1.8 (#3556)

- Fixed crash when drawing a map using UNIQUE fid in the layer data (#3271)

- Fixed Oracle Spatial Data gets corrupt (#3541)

- Fixed issue with multiple styles and binding (#3538)

- Fixed multiple include tags not supported in xml mapfiles (#3530)

- Ensure the class is not marked BeforeFieldInit causing memory 
corruption with C#/CLR4 (#3438)

- Fixed MSSQL2008 driver returning invalid extent (#3498)

- Fix computation of shape bounds when the first line contains no points
   (#3119)(fixes #3383)

- Fixed error message tiles on zero-sized map cause memory allocation 
errors in maperror.c. (#3524)

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