[mapserver-dev] Documentation Question

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Fri Jul 22 07:51:23 EDT 2011

Hi Steve,

My position is that the doc contents should contain references to the 
MapServer version that the feature applies to.  So yes we should 
maintain backwards compatibility.  For example, /mapfile/expressions.txt 
could be separated into "MapServer 6.0 Expressions" and "MapServer 5 
Expressions" sections.  I would argue that this is much easier to 
maintain, and makes more sense to a user.  It does ask doc contributors 
and developers to specifically mention the MapServer version when they 
are documenting though.  I'll give an example of what I mean:

Let's say I am a mapscript dev and I add a function to a mapscript. 
Then I'd go to its doc (meaning: in trunk and also in 
branch-whatever-is-live-on-web, because a user wants to know what is 
available) and add:

   Added in MapServer version 6.2, this function gets the...

I hope this helps clarify my position.


On 11-07-21 1:42 PM, Steve Lime wrote:
> Question for folks. What's our position regarding multi-version support
> within the documentation? For example, there were a number of syntax
> changes related to logical expressions in 6.0. We could update the
> documentation to reflect 6.0 "as is" with no references to how things
> worked in older versions. We could also try to maintain some backwards
> compatibility so that the documentation could support all versions.
> Doing so requires lots of extra explanation though and makes it harder
> to maintain. If documentation is version specific then that would argue
> for historical documentation to be made available...

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