[mapserver-dev] Performance problem with oracle spatial in mapserver 6

Holger Schiebold hschiebold at codematix.de
Wed Jun 1 09:32:44 EDT 2011

Hi Mike,

both datasources are point data in one view / table with srid and the 
performance problem has nothing to do with transforming or the oracle 
itself (i checked every statement). I tested it again - the only thing i 
change is mapserver binary from 5.4.0 to 5.6.4 and i can see in the 
logfile and in my wms client the performance difference. Both views / 
tables have more then 30 columns which at the end are used in the 
getFeatureInfo. But the performance problem i have already with a normal 
getMap request to the mapserver binary.



Am 01.06.2011 12:55, schrieb Smith, Michael ERDC-CRREL-NH:
> Holger,
> I've done some performance testing on MapServer (a number of versions,
> including 6) using Oracle Spatial (its our main data source) and haven't run
> into this issue.  I'll do some checks today with some large datasets and see
> if I can replicate the issue.
> Are these 2d, 3d or 4d datasets? Points, lines or polygons? Do these layers
> have defined SRIDs? Same input/output projection?
> Mike

Holger Schiebold

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