[mapserver-dev] TEMPLATES and MIME

Bob Basques Bob.Basques at ci.stpaul.mn.us
Fri Mar 11 10:12:26 EST 2011


Ok, this one took me a while to track down. 

I have an installation where I have a common data source respository and I'm trying to set up a environment where an older Mapserv 4.9(something) linux (highly customized version) version and a 5.6.5 Windows 7 version are accessing this same repository. 

The first problem was the <!-- MapServer Temaplte --> magic string was missing, added that in, but it messes with the Mime type stuff, because our templates are for generating XML files, which need to have "<?xml . . ." up front instead of MapServer magic string. 

If I add the Magic string stuff as the second line, doesn't seem to affect the old installation of MapServer, but it breaks the new version which is expecting the Magic String up front.  I tried a couple of things in the new installation, like putting the Magic string on the same line as the XML declare, but that made the file come down from Apache as text/html instead of text/xml. 

Should/Could I be addessing this in the apache "magic" file and add something about "<!-- MapServer . . ." to the XML definition, seems wrong for some reason. 

This is my last piece to figure out for the new install . . . 


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