[mapserver-dev] Expanding the MapServer Project

thomas bonfort thomas.bonfort at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 13:09:56 EDT 2011


As the mod-geocache creator, I am also very supportive for the
inclusion of these two projects inside the mapserver umbrella. I think
that a unique configuration file will be of great benefit for users so
as not to duplicate their configuration envirronment in N different
places, along with N different syntaxes.

I'll try here to respond for mod-geocache to the questions that have
arisen in the previous replies:

* licencing: mod-geocache is released under the apache2 license, but I
see no problem in switching it to the masperver MIT style one.

* ticket migration: imho it would be simpler if mod-geocache shared
the same trac instance with mapserver, as there is little advantage in
having two seperate instances given the maintenance effort. I have
seen no automatic tool for exporting google-code tickets to trac, but
that should not be a show stopper: the vast majority of mod-geocache
tickets are enhancement ideas I put down not to forget them, and can
stay on the googlecode hosting or be migrated if there is interest in
that particular feature. The couple of "real" bugs can be migrated by

* code structure and release cycles: +1 with different directories for
each project. As far as release cycles are concerned, we should
discuss what to do about the libmapfile part of the code which will be
the actual glue around all 3 projects. There are some other areas
where code can be shared between mapserver and mod-geocache, so the
same question as for libmapfile arises there to.

* code review: for mod_geocache this should be relatively simple, the
only part that isn't original was taken from mapserver ;) (and was
before that taken from pngquant. they should probably be refactored
together once the merge is complete.

* opening up to other projects: alongside the projects assefa
mentionned, WPS and access control are two other areas where the
expansion could occur. I agree with others that this should be done in
a second step once we see how the current merging succeeds or fails.

there would be much more to say concerning the actual integration of
mod-geocache with mapserver, but those details are for the coming


On Fri, Mar 25, 2011 at 20:06, Yewondwossen Assefa
<yassefa at dmsolutions.ca> wrote:
> I am very supportive of these 2 technologies being part of the MapServer
> project.  The fact that they will all be able to share the same
> configuration file is really a nice feature.
> They definitely fit as part of a common trend of needs that we see.
> I am also hoping that other complementary tools (such as map file editors,
> installers ...) would be considered in the future  as being able to be part
> of the MapServer project if that make sense for both projects.
> On 25/03/2011 1:11 PM, Lime, Steve D (DNR) wrote:
>> Well stated as usual... I agree with your thoughts on infrastructure
>> structure. IMHO we
>> don't want the components to be bound to one another from a release
>> standpoint. It's
>> not practical (it took 18 months to get 6.0 out) and might hinder
>> adoption. We might
>> consider some sort of integrated package though that is made up of the
>> production
>> versions of each piece- a broader ms4w if you will.
>> Could/should we develop criteria for considering these types mergers in
>> the future? The
>> ones mentioned now are so because they are: complement MapServer, written
>> in C/C++, are
>> server-based, etc...
>> Steve
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