[mapserver-dev] Support for upgrading map files between version changes

Tamas Szekeres szekerest at gmail.com
Fri Apr 20 04:38:39 EDT 2012

Hi Devs,

We have quite some backward incompatible changes from versions to versions
in the map file syntax and it is very challenging for some of the users to
keep their files up to date during the version upgrades.
It would be useful to have a tool (ie. a commandline app) which could
provide this update automatically, but it's very difficult for me to
imagine a reasonable framework which could provide an easy way for the
developers to declare the changes which should be applied during the
upgrades. I would probably think about a file where the developers could
declare transactions and version numbers which would define the required
modifications for a particular change in a particular version, and the
upgrade framework could replay those transactions sequentially between the
source and the destination version.
Furher requirement would be to save the Mapserver versions in the mapfiles
automatically, so the application could get to know which transactions
should actually be executed.

Do you have any experiences in this topic or ideas where to start with this?

Best regards,

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