[mapserver-dev] Updated Google Maps API and 3D

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at swoodbridge.com
Mon Dec 3 13:36:00 PST 2012

Hi All,

Sorry for the cross posting. The following article which is thin on 
details raise some interesting questions in my mind related to Mapserver 
and OpenLayers.


I know OpenLayers 3 is looking at potentially adding camera model to 
support tilted views. Would this be a static definition to support 
tiling? Or would the camera be able to be dynamically changed? This 
seems a lot like Google Street View.

Has any thought been given to support for 2.5D or 3D features? Is there 
a need for this?

If mapserver supported rendering orthogonal views or even a camera view 
model them a guess a layer could be defined to pass that information to 
mapserver to render in the same.

Mapserver devs - there was some discussion about supporting 2.5D 
objections like buildings. In light of Google and Apple moving in these 
directions is this an area that we should be discussing for a future 
version. Should be be looking at a more flexible viewing model like a 
camera model as an option.

It looks like the OGC is working on this also, google "ogc web 3d service".

Seems like these questions should be discussed if they are not already 
being discussed.


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