[mapserver-dev] GML property type

Eichner, Andreas - SID-NLKM Andreas.Eichner at sid.sachsen.de
Thu Feb 2 05:15:32 EST 2012

Hi Devs,

there's already Ticket #4150 (WFS Filter "IsEqualTo" makes wrong
assumption on field type) which seems IMHO related. The gmlItemObjs are
usually populated by ms<*>PassThroughFieldDefinitions() when using the
gml_types "auto" metadata. These functions translate integers, floats,
strings and datetime into GML types "Integer", "Real", "Character" and
"Date". But AFAIK GML uses XML schema's base types for those simple
types. Therefore it seems they should be named "integer",
"float"/"double", "string" and "date"/"time"/"dateTime" (see
Am I missing something or where have those typenames been taken from? In
other words: is it a bug or a feature?

Would be nice if obe of the core developers could clarify this,


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