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Any talk of a 5.6.8 release too?

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For those interested, we had a meeting of the MapServer team at the 
Seattle Code Sprint this morning. Here is a quick summary of what was 

1- 6.0.2 release:

Alan is still looking into ticket #4011, but the changes may be too 
involved for 6.0.2 so we should not treat this as a blocker. It can 
always go in a 6.0.3 after proper testing.

Since there are no other known blockers we plan to go ahead with 6.0.2

2- Docs

We have two people interested in contributing to docs here at the 
sprint: Hal Mueller and David Middlecamp. They will be working on 
integrating the TinyOWS docs in trunk (based on current TinyOWS wiki).
Other docs contributors from the Seattle area may be joining us tomorrow 

3- 6.2 plan

We discussed the status of 6.2 developments. Before we can have a 
feature freeze, the following new developments need to be completed and 
merged into trunk:

  - RFC-75: INSPIRE view service support... pending RFC vote
  - label work that SteveL and Thomas are working on (currently in a 
sandbox, almost done)
  - RFC-83: source tree reorganization (after the above are done)
  - TinyOWS integration: Olivier is planning to do this after the 1.0 

6.2 feature freeze: It seems that all the above could be done in the 
next couple of weeks, so we could aim for a feature freeze at the end of 
February, or early March.

Before we make a formal motion for the 6.2 feature freeze, does anyone 
see a problem with Feb a 29 feature freeze?

Daniel Morissette
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