[mapserver-dev] Summary of code sprint meeting

Alan Boudreault aboudreault at mapgears.com
Tue Feb 7 16:17:57 EST 2012

Branch 5.6 doesn't have many changes... but since there is a security 
updates... it's worth to do that relase today, at the same time of doing 


On 12-02-07 02:39 PM, Lime, Steve D (DNR) wrote:
> Any talk of a 5.6.8 release too?
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> For those interested, we had a meeting of the MapServer team at the
> Seattle Code Sprint this morning. Here is a quick summary of what was
> discussed:
> 1- 6.0.2 release:
> Alan is still looking into ticket #4011, but the changes may be too
> involved for 6.0.2 so we should not treat this as a blocker. It can
> always go in a 6.0.3 after proper testing.
> Since there are no other known blockers we plan to go ahead with 6.0.2
> 2- Docs
> We have two people interested in contributing to docs here at the
> sprint: Hal Mueller and David Middlecamp. They will be working on
> integrating the TinyOWS docs in trunk (based on current TinyOWS wiki).
> Other docs contributors from the Seattle area may be joining us tomorrow
> (Wednesday).
> 3- 6.2 plan
> We discussed the status of 6.2 developments. Before we can have a
> feature freeze, the following new developments need to be completed and
> merged into trunk:
>    - RFC-75: INSPIRE view service support... pending RFC vote
>    - label work that SteveL and Thomas are working on (currently in a
> sandbox, almost done)
>    - RFC-83: source tree reorganization (after the above are done)
>    - TinyOWS integration: Olivier is planning to do this after the 1.0
> release
> 6.2 feature freeze: It seems that all the above could be done in the
> next couple of weeks, so we could aim for a feature freeze at the end of
> February, or early March.
> Before we make a formal motion for the 6.2 feature freeze, does anyone
> see a problem with Feb a 29 feature freeze?

Alan Boudreault

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