[mapserver-dev] Release of MapServer 6.0.2 and 5.6.8

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Wed Feb 8 16:12:02 EST 2012

The MapServer team announces the release of MapServer versions 6.0.2 and 

No new functionality has been added. 6.0.2 is a maintenance release that 
fixes a few issues found in since 6.0.1 including a recently discovered 
security vulnerability in the handling of WFS filters inside a SLD. The 
list of fixes since 6.0.1 is included at the end of this message.

Versions 5.6.8 includes fixes for the same WFS Filter security 
vulnerability plus a few bug fixes that were backported since the last 
official release. See the 5.6.8 HISTORY.TXT file for additional information.

Source and binary downloads:

The source code is available at:


The binary distributions listed in the download page should be updated 
shortly with binaries for the new 6.0.2 release (and in some cases 5.6.8).

The MapServer Team

Version 6.0.2 (2012-02-08):

- Fix security issue with quote escape in WFS GetFeature Filter (#4087)

- Fixed lexer buffer size issue with single quotes in a string  (#4175)

- Raster layer fails to be drawn if the window is less than half a pixel 

- Fixed SLD with FILTER doesn't apply properly to database layers (#4112)

- Fixed a problem with calls to labelInImage() (maplabel.c) when label 
   and label buffers are both used (#3303). Also changed the usage 
around that
   function to make it easier to understand. At a result the
   "labelcache_map_edge_buffer" processing option (i.e. gutter) can be 
   as a positive or negative value. (closes #1355 too)

- Added label->style markers to collision detection (#4133)

- Fixed single pixel coverages in WCS 2.0 (#4110)

- Fixed subsetting in WCS 2.0 (#4099)

- Fixed segfault when calling classObj::updateFromString() with SYMBOL 

- fix rendering offset on thick GD lines (#3962)

- fix segfault on join with postgresql tables (#4074)

- Fixed Python Mapscript does not write COLOR to reference map (#4042)

- Fixed cannot add a style to a label in PHP/SWIG Mapscript (#4038)

- Add missing outputFormat support in WFS GetFeature POST XML requests 

- Fixed schema validity issue for WCS 1.1 GetCoverage responses (#4047)

- fix centroid geomtransform parser (#4029)

- PHP MapScript is missing many styleObj properties (#3901)

- Added GEOMTRANSFORM in writeStyle function

- WCS 1.0: Fix crash with some _rangeset_axes values (#4020)

- Changed msDrawVectorLayer() not to cache shapes if attribute binding is
   present after the first style (#3976)

- Fix mapscript to build when TRUE macro is not defined (#3926)

- Fix mapscript php build issues with MSVC (#4004)

- PHP/Mapscript: Segmentation fault when getting complex object using
   PHP 5.2 (#3930)

- Fixed contains operator in logical expresions (#3974)

- Fix incorrect rendering of GD lines between 1 and 2 pixels wide (#3962)

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