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scott159 at free.fr scott159 at free.fr
Wed Feb 15 23:35:59 EST 2012


I try to replace this line with :

But I have un accces denied when I launch



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Hi Scott, 

That line of your apache config is trying to create a link to your mapcache binary, that will be handled by fastcgi. You'll want to find your copy of the 'mapcache' binary (it won't be in "tbonfort"). 

After a successful installation, this file ends up in somewhere like (I think): 


or you can just issue a find like so: 
find / -name 'mapcache' 


On Tue, Feb 14, 2012 at 3:14 PM, < scott159 at free.fr > wrote: 


I would like configure MapCache with FastCGI mode but I don't know how to do it because I can't find directory /mapserver/mapcache/src/ : 

<IfModule mod_fcgid.c> 
IPCCommTimeout 120 
MaxProcessCount 10 
FcgidInitialEnv "MAPCACHE_CONFIG_FILE" "/Users/tbonfort/dev/mapserver/mapcache/mapcache.xml" 
<Location /map.fcgi> 
Order Allow,Deny 
Allow from all 
SetHandler fcgid-script 
ScriptAlias /map.fcgi "/Users/tbonfort/dev/mapserver/mapcache/src/mapcache" 

Thanks a lot 

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