[mapserver-dev] - How to compile 6.2

Fabian Schindler fabian.schindler at eox.at
Sun Jan 15 07:37:25 EST 2012

You probably have to refresh your Makefile. Try it with:

make clean
make distclean

Now you have to rerun ./configure using the '--with...' switches you require.

Now you should be able to run 'make' again.


scott159 at free.fr schrieb:


I try to compile mapserver 6.2 but it's seems that only "make" doesn't enought. I compile library GD, GDAL ... but I have errors when I launch "make" from mapserver 6.2. May be errors come from libtool ? I don't know ...

What's command lines are necessary to try mapserver 6.2 dev ?



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