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Hi Edward: Not a lot of conversation on this topic was there. As a result I think it's safe to say there is no roadmap for WFS 2.0 support in MapServer. I'm hoping the TinyOWS lead(s) can speak to their plans.

Anyway, given that I'd be more than grateful if you folks started doing research and RFC development. That's how the initial INSPIRE support got started so it's a reasonable model.


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it is good to see that support for the INSPIRE View Service is firmly planned for the 6.2 release. Unfortunately, the INSPIRE requirements don't stop there: the first date for implementation/provision of the INSPIRE Download Service (think WFS) is approaching fast - June 28th of this year to be exact.

The final "Technical Guidance" is not yet finished, but is expected around March and drafts are available [1]. A large part of this ("Direct access download service") bases on WFS 2.0, with some extra functionality for "Pre-defined datasets or pre-defined parts of dataset" (basically static file download).

My questions are therefore:
- is there already a plan or a roadmap for implementing WFS 2.0? I see in the plan for integrating TinyOWS that this is mentioned, but haven't found anything concrete.
- has anyone already looked at the INSPIRE Download Service drafts and whether/how/when they could be implemented in MapServer (with or without TinyOWS)? It seems likely that it would be sensible to do this at the same time as WFS 2.0.

If there are not yet any plans even for WFS 2.0 then I would offer that I and my colleagues could have a look into both WFS 2.0 and/or the Download Service and try and identify what is required, maybe even draw up an RFC and/or start on implementation so that it may be possible that MapServer can offer timely support for these specifications.

Best regards,

Edward Nash

[1] http://inspire.jrc.ec.europa.eu/reports/ImplementingRules/network/Draft_Technical_Guidance_Download_Services_v1.0.pdf


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