[mapserver-dev] Serving attributes from postgres hstore collumn as wfs.

Morten Olsen Lysgaard morten at lysgaard.no
Sun Jan 29 13:48:28 EST 2012

On 01/29/2012 02:09 PM, Umberto Nicoletti wrote:
> Morten,
> this is interesting and precious information. Could you share your
> findings with us?

I'm unsure if you're talking about how mapserver does many things right 
or my question regarding hstore columns so I'll answer both.

The main advantage i see for mapserver over geoserver is the design in 
the mapfile. It let's you create custom SQL queries easily. To my 
knowledge this is not possible on geoserver.
In my specific case it made it possible to include tags from both 
features and relations that include these features in the WFS.
This is OpenStreetMap specific.

The hstore question can be summarized as follows:

Has anyone used a hstore column in postgres for attributes on WFS features?

It's much more flexible than using one column for each attribute and 
faster too. The problem is that mapserver doesn't seem to natively 
support them. Anyone have experience with this?

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