[mapserver-dev] Serving attributes from postgres hstore collumn as wfs.

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On Sat, Jan 28, 2012 at 6:40 PM, Morten Olsen Lysgaard
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> Hi.
> I'm doing an mapping project on open aviation data. In it I'm using
> mapserver to serve the database as a WFS layer. First, mapserver is
> extremely customizable, I used geoserver at first but it's been beaten to
> dust by mapserver's good design.

this is interesting and precious information. Could you share your findings
with us?

Best regards,

I'm using the OpenStreetMap stack for mapping. There we use hstore columns
> for the attributes that a feature has. When I serve this column as WFS it
> shows up as one attribute in the GML. Like this:
> <ms:tags>&quot;ref&quot;=&gt;&**quot;MIL AIP Germany&quot;,
> &quot;url&quot;=&gt;&........ etc.
> Is there any support for serving the hstore column as normal attributes,
> that is:
> <ms:ref>MIL AIP Germany</ms:ref>
> <ms:url>http://www.example.com**</ms:url>
> If there is no support for this at the moment, what would be the easiest
> way to hack this together?
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