[mapserver-dev] Serving attributes from postgres hstore collumn as wfs.

Morten Olsen Lysgaard morten at lysgaard.no
Sat Jan 28 12:40:44 EST 2012

I'm doing an mapping project on open aviation data. In it I'm using 
mapserver to serve the database as a WFS layer. First, mapserver is 
extremely customizable, I used geoserver at first but it's been beaten 
to dust by mapserver's good design.
I'm using the OpenStreetMap stack for mapping. There we use hstore 
columns for the attributes that a feature has. When I serve this column 
as WFS it shows up as one attribute in the GML. Like this:

<ms:tags>&quot;ref&quot;=&gt;&quot;MIL AIP Germany&quot;, 
&quot;url&quot;=&gt;&........ etc.

Is there any support for serving the hstore column as normal attributes, 
that is:

<ms:ref>MIL AIP Germany</ms:ref>

If there is no support for this at the moment, what would be the easiest 
way to hack this together?

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