[mapserver-dev] Multiple version support at 6.2+

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at swoodbridge.com
Tue Mar 6 10:02:46 EST 2012

Hi Devs,

Given that in 6.2+ we will be installing the libmapserver.so, what are 
we doing to support multiple versions of mapserver?

A common use case in the past is to be able to support multiple versions 
by renaming the executable like, mapserv-5.6.8, mapserv-6.0.2, etc. This 
is essential for companies that are running complex production 
environments. It is not realistic to think that they should or can 
upgrade all applications, mapscript, mapfiles, etc at once.

I'm hoping that part of our plan is to support version numbering on the 
libmapserver-x.x.x.so and that the executable and mapscript, etc are 
built to use the appropriate version of the library that it was built with.

Is this part of the plan?
If not, I think the plan needs to be modified to support this.



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