[mapserver-dev] again: wfs 1.1.0 and axis order, ticket with patch

Jachym Cepicky jachym.cepicky at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 08:14:42 EST 2012


after some discussion with some of you, I've created patch for the "WFS
1.1.0 axis order issue"


Doing some investigation, I have come to this conclusion:

* WFS client should respect axis order or used SRS for the BBOX
parameter (MapServer does not)

* WFS client should be aware of, in which SRS the data will come, and
assume in some cases, the data do have "inverted" axis order (currently,
it is assumed, that returned data have *always* x,y order)

* WFS  server should use default SRS for the BBOX parameter, if NONE was
specified in the request

I hope, everything is explained in the ticket. The patch is not big, it
affects 1 file more (mapwfslayer.c) and 3 others only on single lines or

I would like to ask someone for review and in the case, it's fine,
please add this to mapserver-trunk, so mapserver 6.2 can have propper
WFS 1.1.0 client implementation (the server issues is not that big).



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