[mapserver-dev] 6.2 and Annotation Layers

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at swoodbridge.com
Mon Mar 12 01:21:16 EDT 2012


Great news, I will go ahead and give it a try with multiple label blocks.

On 3/12/2012 12:58 AM, Lime, Steve D (DNR) wrote:
> The RFC 77 docs were updated a month ago with examples and voting
> history (it passed), not sure why it's not current on the website. I
> may have edited the wrong version. I'm kon holiday and can't fix at
> the moment, anyway... RFC 77 was committed several weeks ago and is
> in play for 6.2.

I also noticed that rfc-81 is not updated either with any voting history 
or ticket number. And rfc-81 as currently posted does not reflect the 
implementation. I assume Thomas will get to that if he hasn't already.

> 1)  you don't need RFC 77 for that use case although it could make it
> easier. You can continue with two layers if necessary.

Yes I figured out two layers would work also, but the real benefit to 
the user is one pass versus two pass over the data.

> 2) label styles cover this case
> 3). Same as 2 or define a  label but no styles

Yes, after converting most of my mapfile it is starting to be much more 

Thanks for the feedback,

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> Thomas, Steve L,
> Regarding the deprecation of ANNOTATION layers. I currently use
> annotation in the following ways:
> 1. highway shields in addition to labels that follow the roadway
> This seems like it requires RFC-77 to be implemented so you can place
> a label the follows the roads, and a 2nd label block to place the
> shields. These obviously can not use the same label points.
> Is RFC-77 still in the plans for 6.2? I do not see a voting history
> or ticket associated with it, may it wasn't deemed necessary.
> 2. points of interest where I want symbol and label but only if they
> both fit
> OK this one seems like I can use multiple styles within a label and
> just not specify a style at the class level.
> 3. placenames both with and without a symbol using point or polygon
> layers
> I think this can be done the same as 2. with no style at the class
> level and only have styles within the label.
> Does this sound right?
> I'm going to try the leader offsets also. Any other cool tricks we
> can do with these changes?
> Thanks, -Steve _______________________________________________
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