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I had not found this and it does fill in the gaps in our understanding of where the problem lies.


My assessment is that the current mapserver text render pipeline will not render the most complex characters correctly and needs updating.


We are happy to be involved in this process and can provide development assistance once the preferred approach is agreed.


Do you have a recommendation? Can we use just HarfBuzz or do we need Pango to pull everything together?






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http://behdad.org/text/ is a good read if you haven't already stumbled upon it.





On 5 April 2013 15:45, Ian Walberg <ian.walberg at airborne.aero> wrote:


I will raise an issue to track this and we will be looking into it in more detail.

From the research we have done so far I am not sure that it is an issue with fribidi as my understanding that this just addresses the l->r and r->l ordering issues.

What we believe is that the mapserver text rendering pipeline cannot support the more complex character layouts required in some cases for Hinidi and other languages.



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