[mapserver-dev] Scalebar transparency

Ian Walberg ian.walberg at airborne.aero
Mon Aug 12 09:01:37 PDT 2013

We use php mapscript and have always struggled to understand how to get the scale bar transparent. What seemed to be the case was if we set the png output type to transparent and the scale bar to transparent we got a transparent background ok. The image in this case will be a 32 bit RGBA png so larger than ideal but it did work.

However if we set the output type to jpg we could not get a transparent scalebar via php mapsrcipt.

Using a map file and the cgi mapserv we can get a transparent scale bar background for both png's and jpeg's.

The current documentation says that the transparent setting in the scalebar object is depreciated and the output format setting should be used.

So we are confused.

Should it be possible via php mapscript to get a jpg format output and a scalebar with a transparent background? We assume yes as this is possible with a map file.


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