[mapserver-dev] [motion] Require GEOS > 3.1

thomas bonfort thomas.bonfort at gmail.com
Sun Aug 18 05:29:49 PDT 2013


While debugging a seemingly unrelated issue, we discovered a problem
with the GEOS error handling (namely the mapserver error handlers
being overriden by the OGR ones), c.f.
The clean fix to this is to use the GEOS thread-safe api, available
from  version 3.1 onwards (released in 2009), and thus to require at
least that version for mapserver. GDAL/OGR made the switch very
recently, so this does not seem like an extra-ordinary requirement:

motion: require at least GEOS version 3.1 for mapserver 6.4 and onward.

+1 thomas

best regards,

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