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Mark Volz MarkVolz at co.lyon.mn.us
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Previously I had thought that something like your idea would be useful not necessarily as a way of managing different MapServer versions, but instead as a way to manage differences different environments such as a field laptop vs production server.

For example:


                #set the version near the top of the mapfile.


                #VERSION ProductionServer



                USE shapefiles as the data source


IF VERSION ProductionServer

                User PostGIS as the data source


I think your idea is be better, but I thought I would float this idea to see if you think it would be useful.

Mark Volz, GISP


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> Hi all,


> I want to start a discussion on the possibility of adding version conditionals to

> mapfile to make it easier to support a single mapfile across multiple versions

> of mapserver.


> The idea would be to add some syntax that would allow something like:


> IF VERSION <op> <value>

>    ... use if true



> or may be in short hand


> VERSION<op>(<value>) ... use if true to end of line or VERSION <op>

> <value>? ... use if true to end of line


> where <op> could be like GT|GE|EQ|LE|LT

> and <value> could be VVvv or VV.vv where VV is the major version and vv is

> the minor version and patch should not impact mapfile syntax so we could

> ignore them.


> Yes, this could be done using the C preprocessor or a script, but that does not

> solve the use case of having a single file that can be deployed and work for

> various versions of mapserver.


> In a production environment, you might have multiple mapfiles and multiple

> versions of mapserver. This would greatly simplify maintaining the

> production server or migrating applications between servers that might have

> different versions of mapserver installed.


> Why do I care? I'm in the process of upgrading a bunch of servers and I'm

> annoyed by the fact that I have 3 versions of mapserver that I need to

> support and I'm having to make three separate mapfiles that are 99% the

> same. Oh and this has the ripple effect that if you name these with a version

> number in the mapfile name, than all the applications that reference the

> mapfile have to know what version they are requesting maps from so they

> can specify the correct version named mapfile.


> Discussion:


> Does this sound like something that would be useful to our users?


> On the surface, this seems like it should be fairly easy to implemented in the

> parser, but I could be wrong.


> Any thoughts on this?


> -Steve W


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