[mapserver-dev] Request for review/comments on RFC 85 (Contour Layer Rendering)

Brent Fraser bfraser at geoanalytic.com
Tue Mar 26 11:55:39 PDT 2013

Hmmm.   How about:
      - All other layers are to be ignored (rendered normally)
     - generate (but don't yet render) the contour lines
     - generate the labels (consider the labelcache?) using the contour 
lines, compute the label bounding boxes
     - clip the contour lines to the bounding boxes, render the 
remaining line segments
     - render the labels

I've attached a snap from an NRCan CanTopo...

Best Regards,
Brent Fraser

On 3/26/2013 12:35 PM, Daniel Morissette wrote:
> On 13-03-26 2:20 PM, Brent Fraser wrote:
>> Something for future consideration: contour labeling - blanking/clipping
>> contour lines (but not other features) under the bound box of the
>> contour labels.
> Hi Brent,
> We just discussed this here... that would be nice, but a bit expensive 
> to do on the fly as you would need to perform all collision detection 
> (across all layers with labels) before rendering the contour lines, 
> likely requiring multiple passes on the data. We got answers around 
> the table ranging from "just use an opaque BG color for the label 
> (geomtransform labelpoly)" to "anything is possible given enough time 
> and money".  :-)
> Cheers

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