[mapserver-dev] Problems with getMap request and mapCache

Nash, Edward E.Nash at dvz-mv.de
Mon May 13 01:35:55 PDT 2013

Maybe the other way round? I had a look in WMS1.1.1 and WMS1.3.0, and it does appear that service=WMS is only required for the GetCapabilities operation: SERVICE is not listed either under the common request parameters or the GetMap-specific parameters (and the example requests don’t include it).

Obviously the majority of clients send the service parameter with every request, even though it isn’t required, otherwise this would have been spotted before.



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Hi Diego,
from what I recall, service=wms is required for wms >= 1.1.0, but not for wms 1.0.0 . Anyhow, for mapcache checking that service=wms is present if request=getmap is not essential and could be removed. Please open an issue for that and I'll take care of it for the next release.


On 10 May 2013 21:42, Diego Moreira <moreira.geo at gmail.com<mailto:moreira.geo at gmail.com>> wrote:
Hi devs,

I'm having a problem with mapcache. When I make the request GetMap, I receive the following error:

"received wms request with no service param"
But, according to the OGC specifications, the service param is not needed in order to make the request getMap.

Examining the code in the file mapcache/lib/service_wms.c, in the function _mapcache_service_wms_parse_request, the service param was implemented as if it were needed.

Shouldn't this implementation be corrected? Or am I doing something wrong?


Diego Moreira Carvalho
Geógrafo - CREA: DF19935/D

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