[mapserver-dev] Show of hands for 6.4 Release

Lime, Steve D (MNIT) Steve.Lime at state.mn.us
Thu May 16 09:34:01 PDT 2013

If RFC91 is included I’d prefer late July for a feature freeze. I do have some code for shapefiles and PostGIS working and it should be backwards compatible. However it could be prone to more bugs than we might like in a mid-version release.  Other than that I’m +1 on targeting early September and +1 on Thomas as the release manager.


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Hi Devs,

Foss4g is approaching and I think we should have released 6.4 by then, so I'd like to start a bit of planning. My impression is that for the time being we have quite a few new functionalities, but a low risk of backwards incompatibilities/issues, which should make for a short release phase.

I would like to propose a feature freeze and 6.4 branching around mid/end july, for a targeted release around beginning of september ?

Unless someone else wants to assume the role, I volunteer to be release manager again, under the assumption that beta releases happen "when they are ready" rather than on a fixed weekly schedule.

Alan: what's the status of RFC89 in relation to RFC94 ?
Steve: RFC91 is longer term, correct ?

Which brings me to my second point relating to longer term features, in my following email.

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