[mapserver-dev] 6.4 stable branch gone wild

Lime, Steve D (MNIT) Steve.Lime at state.mn.us
Sat Nov 30 09:07:57 PST 2013

Seems like option 1 is the most straight forward IMHO... Wish I understood how this happened.


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I'm far from being a git expert, but I can see 2 options:

* "git revert -m 1 a9eb0c5081" : this will create a revert commit for the
merge commit and should undo all unwanted changes. The drawback is that the
history of the branch will look messy.

* "git reset --hard d5f0aee829f9fef52a3d92a993baf2eac98e919a" to reset to the
last commit before the merge commit. But I don't think you can push that
directly into branch-6-4. So branch-6-4 should likely be deleted on the server
first before that being pushed (or git push --force ?). Drawback: this has the
potential to cause issues for people who have forked the mapserver git
repository when they'll pull/push next.

Some interesting info there :

> Hi Devs,
> There's been a mixup made when merging a pull request, which has
> resulted in the master branch being merged into our stable 6.4 branch
> (i.e. both our 6.4 and master branches are now quasi identical, which
> is not ok).
> I'm at loss as to how to revert this change cleanly without rewriting
> the history of branch-6-4, can anyone help? It would seem that
> 75f548e77e1 was merged into 6.4 in a9eb0c5081 instead of being
> cherrypicked, thus bringing in the whole master branch instead of only
> the fix to mapfile.c.
> regards,
> thomas
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