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Rahkonen Jukka (Tike) jukka.rahkonen at mmmtike.fi
Mon Aug 25 07:38:30 PDT 2014


After reading the discussion from the github issue (which is discussion forum that I do not like a lot as a pure Mapserver user) I would say that principally you seem to be right with it. However, when it comes to interoperability I consider it would be better to discuss first with Geoserver, TinyOWS and deegree and ArcGIS developersAll these WFS brands seem to send multiCurves and multiSurfaces. I base this from the deegree side on the 5 year old OpenLayers ticket and from Geoserver, TinyOWS and ArcGIS side on these

ArcGIS, Geoserver and deegree are much more common WFS servers than Mapserver. If Mapserver alone goes to strict simple features no WFS client developer can still cease supporting multiSurfaces etc. BTW. is it really so that OpenLayers can’t read topp:states from Geoservers with WFS 1.1.0? Of course this change in Mapserver should not break any client and I am not against it per se. I just believe that “Simple features profile” does not work in practice.

-Jukka Rahkonen-

Stéphane Brunner wrote:

Hello everybody,

Some hours ago I create an Issue and a Pull Request for better support of the simple feature profile:
The issue is that the <gml:pointMembers>, <gml:curveMembers> and the <gml:surfaceMembers> tags where removed in the version 1.0 of the "Simple features profile":
I think that the "Simple features profile" should be preferred in all cases where it's possible to be as iner-operable as possible, for example OpenLayers take the chose to implement only the "Simple features profile":
I hope that will be included in the version 7.0 :-)

Stéphane Brunner


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