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Martin.Icking at bentley.com Martin.Icking at bentley.com
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In the meantime I've got a precise answer from one of the librsvg authors - see below. So the librsvg library is LGPL-licensed - so no issue to use it by MapServer.

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> Hi Christian,
> librsvg is listed as being dual licensed (GPL and LGPL) in Wikipedia 
> and in the sources we see two files COPYING (GPL) and COPYING.LIB 
> (LGPL). So can we handle librsvg as being LGPL'ed? If yes I'd suggest 
> to change the Appendix A of the "RSVG Library Reference 
> Manual<https://developer.gnome.org/rsvg/2.40/licence.html>" which 
> mentions only the GPL license. Thanks Martin

The licence mentioned in the manual is the manual's licence. The manual is a combination of GPL text and pulling in lots of LGPL text (from the source code gtk-doc comments) so the aggregate is GPL. The library itself is purely LGPL. Maybe the manual should make that clearer... see
https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=692425 .

	C. Persch

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