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Smith, Michael ERDC-RDE-CRREL-NH Michael.Smith at erdc.dren.mil
Fri Jul 18 12:47:23 PDT 2014

The Oracle branch is here  https://github.com/msmitherdc/mapserver/tree/rfc91-filter-transform and is complete with the changes Steve has implemented with RFC91.


Michael Smith
US Army Corps
Remote Sensing GIS/Center

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A (largely) for PostGIS is here https://github.com/sdlime/mapserver/tree/rfc91-filter-transform. Mike Smith has a working Oracle branch. Still working on OGR and filter merging. SDE/MSSQL2008 should work as before and have no translation support (I've no ability to test) although it could be added later.

Will need some assistance merging at some point. My branch is consistent with master.


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Available for review at:


I’ll post a link to a working branch for PostgreSQL shortly – still tweaking some WFS filter things.


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