[mapserver-dev] pink screen after activating several layers (mapserver version 6.2.0)

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at swoodbridge.com
Wed Dec 2 08:28:06 PST 2015

On 12/2/2015 11:22 AM, Donald wrote:
> cheers,
> I have several layers that I can activate. When I activate all at once I get
> a pink screen. If I activate a layer individually by selecting one at a time
> I still get a pink screen even though some layers are correctly drawn.  I
> checked the error log and I the last log line I have says  "freeing map at
> 0xa022230". To see the map again I have to unselect all layers.
> Any thoughs on how to solve the problem ?

Mostly likely it is only one of some of the layers that are having an 
issue. So trying, selecting one layer at a time to figure out which 
layer is causing the problem.

Also a "pink screen" sounds like you are using OpenLayers and the pink 
is for a failure to render the image. In FireFox, right click on the 
pink image and select view image this image or copy the image url and 
paste it into a new tab/window and you might get an error message that 
would be helpful.

-Steve W

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