[mapserver-dev] ScribeUI on Google Summer of Code 2015

Samuel Lapointe samuellapointe at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 08:21:24 PDT 2015

Hello Steve,

My plan for the summer includes allowing the creation of classes based on
sets of data, which means if I can't implement your idea this summer, at
least a good part of the path will be done. I added it to my list of
features I'd like to add to ScribeUI if I still have time left before the
end of the project. Thank you for your suggestion and for welcoming me!

On 24 March 2015 at 20:43, Daniel Morissette <dmorissette at mapgears.com>

> Welcome to the list Samuel. I see that you submitted your detailed
> proposal in the GSoC portal and added a suggestion/comment in the portal.
> Steve's got some interesting suggestions, we could think of some kind of
> mini-templates shortcuts for this kind of rendering features that can
> easily be pasted into a layer definition. You could keep those ideas on the
> wishlist in case there is time left at the end of the summer.
> For the record, I am willing to mentor/co-mentor Samuel's project, I have
> met him and would be able to mentor him face to face over the summer which
> would help ensure a positive outcome of the project.
> Daniel
> On 2015-03-24 1:41 PM, Lime, Steve D (MNIT) wrote:
>> Hi Samuel – Welcome! I’m not a regular ScribeUI user (yet) so hard for
>> me to get super specific. You might also want to ping the
>> MapServer-Users mailing list for ideas. One thing I have wondered about
>> is being able to somehow provide a user shortcuts or wizards for more
>> complex (or tedious) configurations. Things like:
>> ·hollow roads or
>> ·anything labels
>> For 7.0, Thomas added some great support Layer Compositing  (RFC 113)
>> but I wonder if some common effects could somehow be made easier to
>> implement or maybe just visualize via ScribeUI.
>> Steve
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>> Hello, I'm applying on the Google summer of code for 2015 to work on
>> ScribeUI so I thought I could introduce myself here.
>> I want to work on solving the current issues, improve the error
>> detection (right now it outputs the mapfile's line numbers and not the
>> Scribe files' line numbers), add the ability to import and export
>> workspaces and add an automatic color scaling based on a set of data,
>> for making statistics maps for example. This is only a rough plan of
>> what I am planning to do this summer and I'm aware most of the users are
>> part of this mailing list so I'm open for suggestions. What features do
>> you think should be prioritized and what needs to be resolved first?
>> I am already in contact with the previous developers of ScribeUI so I
>> have a good understanding of how the program works, what are its goals
>> and what's missing. I'm hoping I can get input from you during the
>> development of the program so I can focus on what the users need the most.
>> I hope to be in contact with you!
>> -Samuel Lapointe
>> (PS: Jessica, the previous developer of Scribe is my sister)
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