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Michael Smith michael.smith.erdc at gmail.com
Sun Oct 18 06:17:10 PDT 2015

Thanks Jeff!

Michael Smith

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>Some updates on this & other issues:
>- this morning I noticed that demo.mapserver.org was down, restarted
>- this morning I noticed that the main page's OpenLayers viewer had
>broken tiles, so I restarted the apache tied to that cache (both these
>steps are documented at
>- this morning I noticed that the mapserver.pdf file is not being
>updated automatically.  Checked into this and the pdf is not being
>copied to mapserver.org from travis-ci.org.  This is related to SAC
>moving mapserver.org to a different machine recently. I'm working with
>SAC now to resolve that (follow along the long thread at
>On 2015-10-03 10:04 AM, Jeff McKenna wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Yesterday I noticed that the documentation PDF on mapserver.org was from
>> April of 2014, so I tried to build it locally and I had to fix many
>> fatal latex errors (committed) but I was eventually successful with 7.0
>>   I uploaded it manually to mapserver.org
>> But I looked at our travis-ci scripts and apparently to trigger a PDF
>> build of the docs we need to include in our git commit messages the text
>> "[build_pdf]", that is a good thing to remember :)  I tested that this
>> morning.
>> -jeff
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