[mapserver-dev] Paris code sprint - show of hands

geographika geographika at gmail.com
Wed Jan 20 05:51:29 PST 2016

Thanks Steve.
Looks like I will be able to attend for 2 full days, and get the company 
to pay the Bronze sponsorship.

Aims/items to work on would be:

- document any new sprint features (using RST / Sphinx)
- look at new demos using MapServer
- compile on Windows with CMake and document this process
- look at Python MapScript bugs

Would anyone recommend which 2 days would be best to attend?
Looking forward to seeing some of the names on this list in February,


On 15/01/2016 20:29, Lime, Steve D (MNIT) wrote:
> Hi Seth: It is not limited to just the core devs. Besides docs a new 
> demo might a be good project…
> Steve
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> Hi list,
> Is the sprint event only open to the core MapServer devs?
> I've only contributed tickets to GitHub, but have a lot of experience 
> with RST, Sphinx, and Python, so could help out with the docs at least 
> as I'm currently based not too far from Paris.
> I had a look at the wiki page at: 
> https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Paris_Code_Sprint_2016 
> <https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Paris_Code_Sprint_2016> but not sure if 
> it is aimed at core developers only.
> Regards,
> Seth
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> On 14/01/2016 15:18, Daniel Morissette wrote:
>     Hi MapServer devs,
>     Could we have a show of hands of who from the MapServer (and
>     GDAL/OGR) team are planning to be at the Paris Code Sprint [1] Feb
>     23-26?
>     As you know, for me and many others the code sprint is as much
>     about the networking as it is about the code, so it would help to
>     ensure that we have a critical mass of committed people to help
>     those (like me) who still haven't made final plans.
>     Cheers

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