[mapserver-dev] Mapserver 7.2 release schedule?

Lime, Steve D (MNIT) steve.lime at state.mn.us
Thu Jun 8 11:28:50 PDT 2017

Yes, the PHP/Swig MapScript interface is a key feature – maybe the central feature – of 7.2.

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Hi Steve,

That is the information I needed for planning. Does that include the new PHP MapScript with SWIG?

Worth Lutz

On 6/8/2017 1:09 PM, Lime, Steve D (MNIT) wrote:
Sorry, was off the grid much of the last week. I was really hoping for a beta by FOSS4G in mid-August. I really don’t think we’re that far off, most of the proposed RFCs are complete with associated development work done.


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Subject: [mapserver-dev] Mapserver 7.2 release schedule?

Hi All,

We are looking to upgrade some servers from Ubuntu 12.04 and currently working out what problems we may see.  I think MapScript may be important in some projects and may determine which way we go (14.04 vs 16.04).
Any idea on the approximate date of a MapServer 7.2 release? Wiki page [1] has not been updated and shows Oct 2016.  :)

I don't need a commitment just an approximation.

[1] https://github.com/mapserver/mapserver/wiki/MapServer-7.2-Release-Plan

Worth Lutz

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