[mapserver-dev] RFC 125: Support for CONNECTIONOPTIONS in mapfiles

Even Rouault even.rouault at spatialys.com
Tue Oct 1 02:38:26 PDT 2019

Regarding Steve's remark,
> and keep MapScript simpler.

There is nothing to do on mapscript side. hashTableObj objects are 
automatically mapped to the relevant dictionary type of the language.
This is similar to the metadata object.

> How about extending the option names to be like:
> "GDAL_<driver>_<option_name>" "value"
> "DATA_<option_name>" "value"
> "CONNECTION_<type>_<option_name>" "value"
> etc.

The GDAL_<driver>_<option_name> would actually be a CONNECTION_
And for CONNECTION, you don't need the <type>_

> This would solve both the issues of having a single block, but also
> allowing specificity
> so the code only looks for the prefix that it understands.

That looks more messy to me. If you have several connection options, you 
repeat the CONNECTION_ prefix, instead of just putting it once in a block 
CONNECTIONOPTIONS. I like the idea of having different blocks for different 
purposes. That structures things clearly. And the code is simpler that way, 
which is also a good thing.

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