[mapserver-dev] Updated MS-RFC-123: Support for MapML output in MapServer

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Wed Mar 18 13:20:35 PDT 2020

Hi Devs,

I have updated MS RFC 123 to address the feedback received last week. 
The new version is at:


Here are the main changes, ordered by section number:

2.1 Made the MapML support enabled by default, with the option to turn 
it off with -DWITH_MAPML=0

2.4 GetMapML request:
  - Added the SERVICE param and clarified the list of params and the 
behaviour for different service types
  - Added a note explaining that the GetMapML request proposed in this 
RFC is a vendor-specific extension, and that it does *not* directly 
align with what was found in the OGC Testbed 13 ER =... it is actually 
an evolution of that reflecting the new service URL template mechanism 
that was added to MapML (presumably after testbed 13) and it looks very 
much like what I found at 

To be honest I'm not 100% happy with the GetMapML situation, but solving 
this problem is beyond the scope of what is proposed here, that's a 
topic for an OGC testbed. As stated in 4.2 this is an experimental spec 
and everything is subject to change until it becomes a formal spec.

2.5 Addressed the references to MapML in GetCapabilities

2.6 Updated the examples to reflect the changes above, and added a tiled 
map example

3. Added a mention that msautotests will be added.

4.3 Clarified the situation with respect to the future OGR driver for 
text/mapml feature collection output.

That's it. Thanks again for your feedback

Daniel Morissette
Mapgears Inc
T: +1 418-696-5056 #201

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