[mapserver-dev] important news item: Travis CI has changed its pricing model

Even Rouault even.rouault at spatialys.com
Thu Nov 5 03:52:52 PST 2020

> A theorical alternative would be to see if Travis-CI would accept the
> MapServer organization to share the paid premium plan of the OSGeo
> organization, that is mostly used by GDAL, PROJ and GRASS. But I'm not
> confident they would be willing.

Just got their answer: that's not possible. Mapserver would need to have its 
own paying plan.

I'm quite disappointed to see their changes in pricing, that affects even 
OSGeo as a paying customer. It seems that to get the same level of service as 
we have already, we'd have to pay twice than we currently pay. Unless they 
become more reasonable but I hate such souk-style bargaining.


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