[mapserver-dev] mapscriptng - classes all lower case?

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Thu Apr 29 13:00:03 PDT 2021

At the top of that file (around line 5) it should state what version of 
SWIG that was used to generate that file: in my case, for the Ubuntu 
server that I am checking, it is: 4.0.1  (MS4W uses master/4.1.0-dev)


On 2021-04-29 4:46 p.m., Jeff McKenna wrote:
> I have not seen that case before.  Once installed, you should find the 
> associated file (containing the MapServer constants and classes) in a 
> path something like:
>    /usr/lib/php/xxx/mapscript.php
> If you are using today's 'main' checkout, line ~2479 of mapscript.php 
> should list the "class mapObj" definition.
> My servers are mostly Ubuntu, so I am not sure about RHEL8.
> -jeff

Jeff McKenna
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