[mapserver-dev] master MapServer docs online?

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Fri Sep 17 17:23:28 PDT 2021

We are only now a few weeks away from the release (and making the 
current 'main' docs live, as branch-8-0).  I think for our demos in 
these presentations we should continue to do them on our individual 
servers, and then in a few weeks we can push to live. I've got now 20 
years almost of doc management for MapServer, and I've learned to keep 
it simple, with one branch to maintain live.  (and my experience is here 
unfortunately that those who live multiple live branches visible, or not 
the same people maintaining those live branches and all of that grief). 
  So, keep it simple, until the day I get that 100k contract to maintain 
all of this ;)


On 2021-09-17 9:03 p.m., Jeff McKenna wrote:
> Hi Seth,
> I see my initial answer then, just a few months ago, still stands for me:
> "Speaking openly here, if I was paid fulltime to manage the docs and all 
> the different build versions of the docs, and publishing them online, I 
> could see how that would be possible; but as we are made up of 
> volunteers, I would prefer to keep the single version updated with 
> references to when the feature was added (what MapServer version), and 
> if it is deprecated.  I remember recently spending much effort on that 
> in-line versioning improvements, I think that is working nicely now."
> I recently gave a State of MapServer presentation (last week) and had to 
> give a few demos, but I setup my own server for those demos - for a 
> status report I don't think we should begin a new live branch and then 
> commit to maintain both sets of documents.
> As part of this I also maintain the PDF versions for the documentation, 
> and generating them - adding another live branch is, just too much.
> Again, if this was my fulltime paid job, absolutely, bring it on, as I'd 
> be fulltime working on this.  The reality is that, whatever we add here 
> now, in a few years I'll be stuck maintaining by myself.  I honestly 
> prefer, from experience, to stick with one visible/maintained branch of 
> MapServer documentation.
> -jeff

Jeff McKenna
GatewayGeo: Developers of MS4W, MapServer Consulting and Training
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