[MapServer-dev] Accessing FlatGeoBuf (.fgb) in S3 bucket?

Scott public at postholer.com
Tue Aug 30 07:49:53 PDT 2022

Using mapserver 7.6 or 8rc1 I've been unable to serve .fgb from an S3 
bucket. Local disk works fine as does ogrinfo on S3 .fgb. COG raster 
data works fine off S3.

Accessing .fgb from cloud storage seems to be the whole point of the 
.fgb format. So, I'm very curious if I'm doing something wrong or is it 
by design.

Map file configs:

DATA "/vsis3/bucket/path/data.fgb"

CONNECTION "/vsis3/bucket/path/data.fgb"
DATA "rm_trace"

v8rc ms_error log:
[Fri Aug 26 10:24:13 2022].854479 msDrawMap(): Image handling error. 
Failed to draw layer named 'rm_trace'.

v7.6.4 ms_error log
[Fri Aug 26 10:06:59 2022].388096 msOGRFileOpen(): OGR error. Open 
failed for OGR connection in layer `rm_trace'.  File not found or 
unsupported format. Check server logs.
[Fri Aug 26 10:06:59 2022].388132 Open failed for OGR connection in 
layer `rm_trace'.


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