[mapserver-dev] Proposal/request to implement FlatGeobuf as built-in format

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Sujet : Re: [mapserver-dev] Proposal/request to implement FlatGeobuf as built-in format
Date : 17/05/2022 15:19:06 Europe/Paris

Update: Björn has completed the effort (which now includes several 
msautotests) and we've created an RFC (137) for the native FlatGeobuf 
support: https://mapserver.org/development/rfc/ms-rfc-137.html

I therefore motion to include FlatGeobuf as a native MapServer driver, 
per RFC 137, and maintained by Björn Harrtell.

starting with my +1

Some other interesting updates:

- great to see changes here made through testing benefiting so many 
other projects

- here is an updated benchmark result (that is mentioned in the RFC) :

FlatGeobuf (native) 0.008s
Shapefile (native) 0.010s
FlatGeobuf (OGR) 0.013s
Shapefile (OGR) 0.023s
GeoPackage (OGR) 0.042s
SpatiaLite (OGR) 0.045s
PostGIS (native) 0.053s
GeoJSON (OGR) 0.089s

(that was with yesterday's main, GDAL 3.4.3, with MS4W on Windows)

- with all this testing done, and the existing FlatGeobuf documentation 
effort, it will be very easy to add this to the main documentation now...


-Björn & Jeff

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