[mapserver-dev] MapServer 8.0 Beta Release?

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Mon May 23 09:16:37 PDT 2022

Hi all,

I thought I'd share some interesting updates from my side, for the 8.0 

- Travis and GitHub build actions have been updated to run on Ubuntu 
Focal (20.04)
- the builds compile PHPNG MapScript for 7.4.6, 8.0.19, 8.1.6 / Python 
MapScript 3.7.7, 3.8.3, 3.9.0 without any issues
- msautotests: I've made it down to about 20 broken tests (from about 
200, yikes)
- of note, is that the existing flag "-Werror" while compiling MapServer 
(which means break on all warnings, treat warnings as errors) does cause 
issues in several files (mappwscommon.c, majoin.c), so the nasty 
workaround is to set -Wno-stringop-overflow, -Wno-format-overflow in the 
build script, which is not good, meaning that these warnings should be 
fixed and -Werror reset.

You can follow along or made changes at 

I think the upgrade to a more recent Ubuntu for all of our tests was 
critical for the 8.0 release (which is why I put so much darn effort in 

Hope this looks good to everyone.  Exciting,


Jeff McKenna
GatewayGeo: Developers of MS4W, MapServer Consulting and Training
co-founder of FOSS4G

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