[MapServer-dev] RFC 138 - Reference SLD files in Mapfiles

Seth G sethg at geographika.co.uk
Fri Feb 9 15:03:45 PST 2024

Hi all,

I've added a new RFC - MS RFC 138: Reference SLD files in Mapfiles at https://mapserver.org/development/rfc/ms-rfc-138.html
This would allow SLD files to be referenced in a Mapfile using the STYLEITEM (similar to how JS files are referenced):

      STYLEITEM "sld://mysldfile.xml" # uses SHAPEPATH and if not set then relative path to the Mapfile or absolute path
      CLASS # define an empty CLASS here

It will make it easier to export Mapfiles from other application such as QGIS, and to share styles e.g. between MapServer and GeoServer. More details are in the RFC.
Feedback and comments appreciated. 

I'll start with my +1,


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