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Dear all,
where [shpmidx] [shpmidy] functions is documented in mapserver site? Which
are their functions?
Thank you,


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Just centering is easy. In you're query template you might have something

<!-- the image -->
<img src="/cgi-bin/mapserv?map=[map]&mapxy=[shpmidx]+[shpmidy]


<img src="/cgi-bin/mapserv?map=[map]&mapxy=[shpmidx]+[shpmidy]

The values for buffer and scale could easily be passed in from the same
form the user picked
the city. Just use the pass through feature of templates. I do this all the
time. BTW [get_layers]
just adds currently selected layers (i.e. &layer=layer1&layer=layer2) to
the end. You may or may not
need it.


Stephen Lime
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>>> <nwerneck at yahoo.com.br> 11/07/00 01:52AM >>>
> Do you really need to draw the city some special way or do you just need
> it centered on the city with everything drawn as normal?
           Just center the city in the map... Is it possible? Can I specify

the scale of the new map?
           It would be nice to tell, for example: "Show me the Myztplikz
city, at THAT
scale" or "... and everything at THAT distance from it"
           It looks like this already exists for mapxy queries...
           Can I specify some coordinated pair (outside any shapefile), and
mapserv to show me the map centered at that point? Or must I
calculate the mapext?


 -- Nicolau

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