Accessing ArcInfo data (was RE: Just a black image)

Erich Schroeder erich at
Fri Nov 10 16:01:47 EST 2000

  Yup, ArcInfo AML. I threw it together and posted it to the mapserver
list last February because I wanted to give something to the list before I
asked my newbie questions. I'm still asking the questions...

Anyway, take a look at my code at:

It translates the coverages into shapefiles, and makes a mapfile and
template html files which match the mapserver demo (minus the inset map).
It's not particularly forgiving, but then it doesn't do much damage.

It would probably take some changing for dealing with A/I libraries--I
don't have much experience with them.


On Fri, 10 Nov 2000, Matt.Wilkie wrote:

> Hi Erich,
> The real reason I'm writing is because you mentioned using AML:
> > It was produced using that AML I wrote in February of this 
> > year. One thing that I was wondering about, is it a problem 
> > to have the extent include negative numbers?
> Is that ArcInfo AML? If so I'm very interested in how you are
> handling the data transfer from Arc to Mapserver. All of our
> data is in ArcInfo Libraries and I'm currently trying to 
> figure out the best way to access it with Mapserver. A one-time
> export to shapefiles is no good because then we'd have to
> maintain two data repositories (one in native Arc and one in
> shape).
> Anyway, I'm interested in comparing notes.
> -matt
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