Setting Paths

Pericles S. Nacionales pnaciona at
Wed Nov 22 15:10:40 EST 2000

On your map file, do your IMAGEPATH and IMAGEURL look like this?

<stuff deleted>
    IMAGEPATH "g:\tmp\"
    IMAGEURL "/tmp/"
<more stuff deleted>

And do you have g:\tmp virtual directory set as /tmp on your web server?


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Subject: Setting Paths

> Group,
> In getting the demo running, I'm running across some path issues that I
> don't understand.
> Running NT4.0 Mapserver 3.3.012
> The Mapserv executable is in g:\_PublicWebSite\cgi-bin\mapserv
> The demo is in g:\_PublicWebSite\wwwroot\ms_demo
> The tmp directory (for images) is in g:\tmp. All directories have
> appropriate read & write access and virtual directories are defined as
> well.
> The problem: the DEMO images are being written to
> g:\_PublicWebSite\wwwroot\ms_demo and not to the tmp directory I thought
> they'd be written to. I modified read and write access to get the page
> to work. If I then change the pointer tags in demo.html from
> SRC="[img]"     to   SRC="../../ms_demo/[img]"
> then it all seems to work properly. However, that doesn't seem to be the
> best way of doing things.
> I understand that there is no longer a mapserv.ini file. How can I get
> the files to write where I want them to?
> Thanks for the help (and Happy Thanksgiving to all).
> Kieran

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