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Doyon, Jean-Francois Jean-Francois.Doyon at
Mon Nov 27 17:37:34 EST 2000

actually the tool will remain available in the future, we've got it , might
as well use it :)

Yes, I hope so too, I'm not too worried though, things don't work quite the
same here, and
we're not stuck with only two choices :)

As for the load testing:

On a Quad 400 with 512MB RAM and a RAID 0 Storage Sub-System, I got up to
250 maps/minute with 100 concurrent clients pouding the box, generating maps
continuously. I was VERY happy with that result :) This was using the
Election Interface/Map you've seen. There was no randomizing (Allways the
default, full extent map, which basically is the worst case scenario). Under
this load the map took about 5-7 seconds to show up.

The mapscript versions worked well also. I don't have a number of maps on
that, but I do know every once in a while an Apache child would bomb with a
sig11 (tail -f'ing the error log). I suppose this is a SWIG thing ... Both
Perl and PHP did this. I can't really compare to the CGI since they were
different boxes.

The server is RH 7.0 with the CVS mapserver.

I was using Apache's JMeter to create the load, very cool tool.

Overall the CGI version gets my thumbs up, wayyyyyyy up. Another tool we
use, died at 20 maps/minute on a dual 400 under NT4. Open Source wins yet
again :)

Sorry if this all seems add-hoc. The intent was never to do a truly
disciplined benchmark, just to get an idea of perfromance and stability
under load. Maybe I'll do somehting with a more "scientific" approach
someday. Although if anybody out there cares, just get the tool I
mentionned, makes the testing real easy :)


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> Sweet. Hopefully your elections will go smoother than in the states. ;-) I
> really like
> the application in general- election results. I assume this will have a
> limited shelf so
> it's not worth adding to the demo page.
> I know you were doing some stress testing. How'd that come out?
> Steve
> Yes, the URL parameter switching is real handy. Use it all the time
> myself.
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> >>> "Doyon, Jean-Francois" <Jean-Francois.Doyon at> 11/27/00
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> Goodday,
> I just wanted to give everyone a heads-up.
> I've implemented a new mapping interface using Mapserver CGI to provide
> live
> up to the minute mapping of our federal election results as they come in.
> (Canadian Federal Election).
> You will be able to find a link here:
> Click on Election 2000 Mapping.
> There currently are only Screen-Shots, the interface will go live sometime
> this afternoon, with data showing up sometime shortly after 10pm EST.
> Feedback is most welcome of course !
> Sorry I've been so quiet lately, been working on this non-stop for a
> while.
> Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things soon now (Such as the
> documentation project).
> And Stephen, that thing where you can set almost any Mapfile paramter with
> a
> structured URL parameter (map_layer_???) is very handy :)
> Great for implementing bi-lingual interfaces.
> Cheers,
> Jean-Francois Doyon
> Internet Service Development and Systems Support
> GeoAccess Division
> Natural Resources Canada
> (613) 992-4902

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