[Mapserver-users] Which is better: PHPMapScript query engine or PHP dBase functions?

Eduardo Patto Kanegae eduardo at consultoria.eti.br
Mon May 3 14:05:53 EDT 2004

I have a mapserver+php+mapscript that will query on a shapefile database on a single layer, through its atributes.

The system will give as result a set of items on a result list as a first step. 
Then as a second step a map displaying these results should be given.

my doubt is: to create this result list which will be best strategy: 
- use PHPMapScript to query against the mapfile ?
- simply use PHP dBase functions to query against dBase files of the mapfile?

which one is the best/fastest alternative?

best regards.

Eduardo Patto Kanegae
UIN: 303747254

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Projeto MapServer Brasil - http://mapserver.cttmar.univali.br

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